Two great November events!  Check them out and take advantage of each to enhance your craft beer experience at the CP Northshore!


Drink a beer from each tap over the course of the month and you get a free Casual Pint t-shirt.  We will also enter you into a drawing for a night out on the town in downtown Knoxville that includes a free night at a great hotel with a $50 gift card for dinner.  Ask your beertender for a tap punch card.

1) Buy a beer from from each tap

2) Get your card punched

3) When your list of 22 taps is full get your t-shirt and submit your completed card for the “night out on the town” drawing



Bring the most people from your business to the Casual Pint Northshore each Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm and get 25% off your entire group tab!  Very simple and easy to enjoy great craft beer with your coworkers.

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