The Tennessee laws for beer change on January 1st and drinking establishments with beer permits only can now purchase beer up to 10% ABV.  This is a huge change.  The number of beers available more than doubles and we will have the opportunity to purchase some amazing beer.  We will have all of our beer products available in high gravity including draft from the tap wall, growlers, and packaged.

Beers over 8% ABV will be 10 ounce pours instead of 16 ounces.  Also there will be some pricing differences for high gravity beers from the tap wall, growlers, and package.  But you will still get great beer at a great price.  We will start with 2 to 3 taps on our tap wall dedicated to 8% ABV+ beers as well as have packaged beer for each style of beer we purchase.

So we are excited to have more great options to serve you, our great customers.  The beer arrives on January 3rd so make plans to stop on by.

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